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Deporting Love: A Married Couple’s Journey to Stay in the United States

On November 28, 2005, Enrique Gonzalez walked across the border to pursue a safe and prosperous life in the U.S. Afraid of gang recruitment in El Salvador and seeking to escape to a safe place with opportunities to work to help himself and his family, after two days of processing and detention, he was taken (by immigration officials) to a Texas bus station where he was left to find his way in what would become his new home, the United States of America. Thirteen years later, with a U.S. Immigration approved marriage to a citizen, Enrique is being deported.

In the January 2017 Executive Order, Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States, the Trump administration laid out a much wider dragnet authorizing and empowering ICE in the deportation of undocumented.  Unlike the discretion of the Obama Administration, as evidenced in the 2011 Memo, which exercised a great deal of flexibility the Trump Administration's laser-sharp focus is on the numbers! Every undocumented …

NEWS: Harlon Wilson - One of Many Rally Speakers Featured on the Front Page of IndyStar (7-1-2018)

Deporting Love's Harlon J. Wilson was a speaker at MoveOn.Org's Rally Event, "Families Belong Together." The event shined a bright light on the tragedies that many families are facing in one of the worst tragedies to have hit the United States in decades - "zero-tolerance" family separations and deportations!

Immigration protest march: 'What is happening at the border is wrong'

When Harlon Wilson started speaking at an immigration rally Saturday in Indianapolis, many in the audience questioned what his story could be. Wilson is white. He said he would be leaving the United States. The crowd gasped. "Let that sink in. I'm white. I have privilege. I went to Indianapolis Public Schools.